Ian Tricker graduated from Loughborough University in 2013 since then he has won a number of awards and exhibited throughout the UK and overseas.


Ian Tricker’s practice explores the key elements of sculpture such as materials, sculptural language, and the viewer. His interest in sciences, the inner workings of our world from particles to molecules making up our world beneath out feet the air we breathe.      


Tricker’s works explores the notions of liquid skin on the surface of his sculptures or being a liquid centre both being affected by useable forces.  It can be related to the quantum field invisible forces acting upon physical matter.  


‘We all live on this liquid world, except humans on the space station. 70% of the world is covered by water. Take that away, beneath our feet is billions of tones liquid rock swirling around a white hot iron core. The liquid running through our veins, rivers and streams flowing around the arth supporting life. Without gravity or movement of liquid life would not exist….’     

Exhibtions so far...


Loughborough Degree Show 2013

Wirksworth Festivla 2013

Free Range 2013

Affordable Art Fair 2013

Suzhou China 2013

Signature Art Prize 2014

FBA Futures 2013

Verve 2014

Bloomberg New Contemporise 2014

Serpentine Gallery 2015


Vinyl Street 2016

Concepts Space 2017

Concepts Space 2018